Sunday, March 29, 2009


My dear daddy arrived late yesterday and he is looking good and feeling good. He absolutely amazes his doctors. He weighs the same as he did when he was forty, his blood pressure is perfect, I wish my were, his heart is good and he doesn't have anything wrong with his prostrate and absolutely no dementia, life is good for my dad and this man is ninety. He loves seeing all the kids. He has seven grandchildren, ten great grandchildren, and seven great great grandchildren. The kids all love their grandpa and he loves seeing them. They like taking him for walks and playing games with him. Grandpa is still hard to beat at Fish and Rummy. He has always taken good care of himself. He eats about six to eight tiny meals a day, this is something he has always done his entire life, he never overeats, he eats more fruits and veggies than anything else. It is just the way he has always been.
When it comes to artwork my dad knows what he likes. He always thinks whatever picture he looks at it must represent something whether it is a hill, building, teapot, person, whatever, it has to look like it. Whenever he looks at my work he is so funny, he always says oh that's beautiful honey, then he turns to whoever is nearby and asks, what is it, or he says, I thought it was supposed to be a park, the title says, A Walk in the Park. I love my little daddy he is a great and wonderful man.
Tonight the entire family is taking him to the Outback for dinner and I know Dad will have the Alaskian King Crab legs because he loves shellfish and the Outback has the best crab legs anywhere.
Have a wonderful day!

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