Monday, March 16, 2009


The new collage I just posted is entitled Jersey Bounce. This was a fun one to make. I put just about everything in it. Images from photos, I had some handmade papers sitting around and I even used copies from my own art work for the background. I copied a couple of my other paintings from photos on archival papers tore it up and used it in my collage. I might only use a small portion of my art work that I copy then save the rest for another piece of work. I also like using materials in my collages such as burlap, pieces of netting, I have even used tiny pieces of leather, bird feathers, whatever I find.
I have been known to look around the ground for things to put in my collages. My kids always get embarrassed when they see me searching around the ground or fishing stuff out of gutters. One time I found this wonderful piece of paper all wadded up sitting in the gutter. I grabbed it up, before anyone else did, and stuffed it in my pocket. When I got home I unfolded the paper and there was a partial note to someone named Fred telling him he should not have left the birthday party so soon. It said, you missed some really good cake and ice cream. The note was on very pretty purple paper and some of it was missing. So I put it in one of my collages and called it "No cake and ice cream for Fred." I painted a picture of a birthday cake with gummy worms and flies on it, and the frosting was bluish green. Yum! It was a fun collage and someone bought it to hang in their kids room.
Have a wonderful day!

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