Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today is a work day in my studio. I don't mean I get to paint and listen to a good story or blast my favorite music, it means I have to clean up the unbelievable, incredible, huge mess that I myself have created. No one else, just me! I have such a huge mess in there that I cannot work, there is no more room to set down a tube of paint or a brush. It's amazing how one little old lady, that's me, can be so messy. So... I have hired a young friend to come today and help me clean. Hopefully we will get to see the light of day by this afternoon because I really do need to get back to my painting. I have 3 shows to paint for and one commission piece to finish. Gee, I really dislike myself when I let things get so messy. I can't even find things like my xacto knives, my ruler, pencils, pens, gosh!
Well my friend is here so I better go. I'll get the big garbage bags and meet her at my studio door!
Have a wonderful day!

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