Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today I think I'm going to paint a big landscape. I have just finished reading a book on the artist Wolf Khan. I love his work. I especially love his landscapes, even though I am not a landscape artist his are unique and very different from other artists. His use of color is magnificent, and I think he is the only artist I have seen that uses such bright colors like purples, oranges, hot pinks and reds for his trees. His backgrounds are slightly muted, light violets, blues, yellows, then he lays down the very bright colors for his bushes and trees. He has one I especially love. The foreground is turquoise blue, hot pink and purple then he painted fabulous orange trees. Behind the orange trees is some yellow and blue sky peeking through. It might sound crazy, but his painting are really beautiful and so colorful. I'm going try very hard to paint a wonderful colorful landscape that will impress Mr. Khan, wishful thinking, and if it comes out good I will post it on my blog. In the meantime go on the Internet and look up Wolf Khan and look at his beautiful art work. He is so abstract which is what I love and of course color the brighter the better for me. I can't tell you how much I love color.
Have a wonderful day.

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