Friday, March 20, 2009


Oh my Gosh! I was painting away yesterday afternoon, having fun, watching the Gilmore Girls on my little portable DVD player, and thinking nothing about what I was doing. I was using a big palette knife and laying lots of paint and color down on a very large canvas then I started splattering more paint over the top when something caught my attention. It was the spotty screen on my DVD player. Rory and Lorelei had suddenly come down with a bad case of the multi-colored measles. Not only was I splattering my canvas but I was splattering everything else in my studio. I was getting wild with the splatter brush, I guess you could say I went berserk splattering. I had splattered a new painting that I had just completed, I splattered my window and my DVD player, I even splattered my garbage can. The garbage can looks cool, but the other things that I splattered were a mess. I was using acrylic so I had to work fast and wipe everything off before the paint dried. I prioritized taking the most important things first, I cleaned the painting , then the DVD player, then the window. By the time I got to the garbage can the paint was too dry to get off. So now I have a multi-colored splattered garbage can. I'll bet someone will come to my studio and ask where I bought my garbage can.
Have a wonderful day.

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