Monday, March 23, 2009


While working in my studio I was splattering paint everywhere, I had mentioned a couple of days ago that I had splattered paint all over things in my studio like other paintings, my garbage can, the window, etc. Well I had an oil painting sitting across the room and low and behold when I went to move it I noticed paint splattered all over that too. Needless to say panic set in so I grabbed my oil paints and proceeded to cover up the splattered paint. The splattered paint was acrylic so I could cover it up with oil paint, however, acrylic cannot be used over the top of oil . Oil takes a long long time to cure and could cause the acrylic that's over the top to crack and look really yucky, anyway I brought the oil painting into my house and set it on a towel and leaned it up against my big plant in my bedroom. It wasn't touching anything so I thought it would be safe until it set up a little, well not so. Little miss Bella, one of our new puppies, came along and plopped her hind quarters right next to the painting, she was practically sitting on it. Well, she got green oil paint on her butt and then proceeded to sit all over the house and get green oil paint on several of our household items. Things like the carpet, towels, kitchen floor and a few other places. What a mess we had to clean up, but I did learn what takes paint out of fabrics. Very expensive Vodka. The more potent the better. It means Kettle One or Gray Goose or some other very expensive Vodka must be used. The cheap stuff just doesn't cut it. We even washed Bella's butt with the Vodka then of course soap and water. We didn't want her licking herself and perhaps getting tipsy.
Have a wonderful day.

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