Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Yesterday I finished and delivered all the paintings for my art show at the Silk Purse Gallery in Redding, CA. I have 20 paintings that will be hung in the gallery along with my colleague and artist friend, she also has 20 paintings. We will be featured together and our show will open April 3 and close in June but I forgot the date. What's great about this show is our styles are totally different. There will be a lot to see. My friend is more of a realistic artist, she does pastels, and oils and a little watercolor. Her paintings are of landscapes, seascapes, mountains, etc. Her work is absolutely beautiful. My work on the other hand is so far from hers. It is big and bold and I use lots of bright colors. I use acrylics and oils for my paintings, I work in watercolor sometimes too but I really prefer acrylics and oils. My trees are hot pink or turquoise, sometimes purple, I love shapes and lots of thick paint and some splattering. I'm very abstract and I love it. I do realism sometimes, however, sometimes I cry because it take so long, because everything has to be so perfect and I'm not the most patient person. I like to see results right away. I really like things that are slightly off center too, kind of like Henri Matisse. I dearly love Matisses' paintings. I also love Wolf Khan, Van Gogh, Kandinsky to name a few. Hopefully we'll sell a lot of paintings and I can go on a vacation, maybe to Italy, just kidding! I'll post one of my paintings from my show. Hopefully I can remember how to do it.
Have a wonderful day!

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