Thursday, August 20, 2009


Today the dog trainer comes! Two little puppies jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head, one little puppy jumping on the bed, she fell off more puppies jumping on the bed. No more dog hairs in my sheets and no more muddy prints on my bed spread.
Boy is this dog trainer going to have his hands full. My little puppies are so cute and wonderful and they make everybody happy, they love people and they love all other animals, but...they are bad! Bad little puppies! Actually they are not so little, they are pretty big, as a matter of fact when Leo stretches out he's about the length of a small Shetland pony. Little Bella is much smaller and daintier, however, she certainly gives Leo what for. She actually kicks his butt at least once a day. As I said, both puppies love people and love other animals, especially other dogs. They play with all the neighborhood dogs. They come to our yard and we throw the ball for them all and they have so much fun. Our puppies really are good but they need to have some manners and learn some simple commands like, come, stop chewing everything in sight, no jumping on the bed, or people, no licking faces, out of the flower beds, etc. This guy is very good, I have used him in the past and he did a great job with my other dog, Charlie. Well, better start preparing the pups for company.
Have a wonderful day!

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