Saturday, August 8, 2009


I'll be leaving in a little while for down South and a little time floating around the Delta's. Some much needed rest and relaxation, a little business and some visiting with family and friends. I'll be doing some painting, I have a couple of paintings I want to finish for shows and maybe a couple just for me. Anyway the weather will be good, not too hot, nice evening breezes coming in from the Deltas and a nice little house all to myself. I can eat what I want and when I want. Hmm, lets see, the first night I'll have an appetizer of crackers with squirt on cheese, then I'll have a banana, peanut butter and pickle sandwich with salty vinegar chips for dinner. Then for dessert I'll eat Fish Food ice cream right out of the carton. Yeah!!!!!!!!! This might be a lot of fun planning my menu for the week. Well, anyway you all be good and I'll be back next week.
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Your just too much FUN!! I really enjoyed OUR morning together! I LoVe your work!!! You'll have to come back to your lil house on the Delta more often.