Friday, August 21, 2009

I AM NOT TELLING A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday the dog trainer arrived. I thought oh good, these pups are really going to get their comeuppance now. Well, when he arrived he looked the pups over while I was telling him how bad they are. I said, "They never come when I call them. I have to scream at them to get them to sit down." Blah, blah, blah.
The trainer said, "Go ahead and call them over to you." I said, "Ha, they won't come, I'll have to chase them down." He said, "go on call them." So I did. "Come Leo, come Bella." Of course, I'm smiling because I just know they won't come. Well, those bad little dogs rushed right up to me, sat down and stared at me with their big doe eyes as if to say, "Here we are mother, do you want something."
The dog trainer looked at me as if I was a little nuts and said. "What good dogs you have."
"No," I yelled, "Believe me, they never do this, they never come when I call them, I have to chase them down, they are bad bad puppies."
All the while, my two little darlings are staring at me with those big doe eyes, still as statues.
So now I'm being trained on how to train my dogs. I will get them for this. Really I will.
Have a wonderful day!

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