Tuesday, July 28, 2009


There were several relatives here this week. They came to help build me a deck for an outdoor kitchen. There were nephews, son-in-laws, grandsons, friends. I thought how lucky am I. All these guys in the family coming to help their ole auntie and grandma out. There were a lot of guys here but the funny thing is none of them knew how to build a deck. What I ended up with is a very expensive, high off the ground, something that looks like a cross between a launch pad and a bandstand. It is going to be very interesting when I try to set things up on it. Oh well, I can always build walls that are half screen, put a top on it and call it a sleeping porch. At least the kids will have a lot of fun camping out and playing on it. It is also very close to the pool so I can always put a board from the bottom step of the deck,bandstand, launch pad, to the pool for the kids to jump in the water.
They tried and they all meant well. Lucky me.
Have a wonderful day!

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