Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today my little grandson Dominic wants to earn some money so he is going to collect all the pine cones all over my property. I have six acres. He wants to be paid by the pine cone. So we have decided on 25 cents for each pine cone he collects. There are hundreds of them so he has a good chance of making some money here. He can get approximately 25 pine cones in his wagon. The pine cones are everywhere for the picking so it's not like he has to climb or scale trees or cliffs to get these pine cones, my property is pretty flat for the most part. The way I see it, one wagon full could be as much as $6.25 If this little kid fills his wagon 15 times, like he says he can, that will be $93.75 he will earn today. I think I better make a trip to the bank so I can have the cash on hand for him when he is done. I think he'll do it, he is a very enterprising young boy. We have also agreed on a spot in the far back of the property to dump the pine cones. It is so much better to mow when we don't have to walk around picking up pine cones first.
Have a wonderful day!

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