Thursday, July 23, 2009


We are having a new show at our gallery in November titled What's Cookin'? It is all about food. The artist's can paint still life's, or they can get really creative and paint all kinds of crazy foods. I'm going to paint Beets sitting on a piano and call it, Off Beet. I think it will be funny to have an enormous beet sitting on a piano. My other painting I think will be a pond with Lily Pads, however, instead of flowers on the lily pads I'm going to paint fruit on the lily pads. Maybe I'll have some melting bananas coming out of a goblet sitting on a lily pad. Then maybe I'll paint a bunch of grapes hanging around another lily pad. Then maybe I'll paint a giant tomato sitting on a tiny little lily pad. The ideas are endless, and this is going to be one fun show. Oh, maybe I'll have a cupcake with a fish on top on one of the lily pads. Well, I better get busy and start getting all these ideas on paper. Oh by the way, the fish tacos we had the other night were incredible, absolutely delicious. Let me know if you want the recipe.
Have a wonderful day!

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