Monday, July 20, 2009


I have friends who live in Alaska. They go fishing. They sent me 200 lbs of fresh caught Halibut! My whole family thought they were in heaven. We have always loved our friends from Alaska, now we love them a little more, if that's possible. There is nothing better, than eating fresh caught fish, especially Halibut.
Tonight we are having fish tacos with lots of fresh veggies in the tortillas. Most of the time I grill it on our outside BBQ and baste it with a little lemon butter and fresh basil, right from the garden. It is absolutely delicious. I did share a package with my sister and a package with a very close friend, but if anyone else asks me if I have any fresh Halibut, I will take the 5th. I will be guarding the rest of my stash with my life. I actually moved a small freezer into the room where the dogs sleep. No one will get into that room without me knowing it. The dogs will let me know if someone is trying to sneak into my freezer. They have been told to bite first and ask questions
later. Fresh Halibut is like gold, it cost almost as much if you try to buy Halibut in the stores. Well, I better go, I have lots of fish to guard. Hope I haven't made you too hungry.
Have a wonderful day!

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