Monday, June 29, 2009


All I can say is, its been hot, very hot these days, well over a 100 degrees. I'm willing to bet that yesterday it was at least 105. I love the hot weather, however, scorching hot is not very pleasant. It's hard to work outside, it's hard to walk outside, it's just plain too hot to do anything. Even the pool water is like a bathtub. When it's that hot it's a good idea to stay indoors and read a good book. Hot hot weather is like cold and stormy weather in the sense that it is best to stay indoors. Read with the children, do puzzles, clean out those drawers that you always meant to clean out, get rid of all the stuff in your closets that no one ever wears. I never could figure out why they say to clean your house in the Spring. Everyone is doing Spring cleaning. The Spring is when everyone should be outside having fun, walking, jogging, working in the yard, the heck with the house, save all those extra cleaning chores for the hot hot weather and the stormy cold weather.
Have a wonderful day!

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