Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The last couple of weeks I have had new lighting and fans installed in my house. I'm in love with my new fan in my living room. It is a double header, two fans on either side, and they tilt in all directions. Boy does this fan move the air around. I love it! I also love my new lights in my living room. They can be turned every which way and show off my art work. I had them all on last night and went outside and looked through the window. Boy did the art work look good. No more dark places in the living room either. I have a new fan in the dining room and in my bedroom and in all the other bedrooms in the house. I have a new fan in the puppies room too. Last night all the kids in the house told me I had enough fans in the house and I couldn't buy any more fans. Hmmmm, I might need one over the table in the breakfast nook.
Have a wonderful day!

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