Monday, May 18, 2009


Just looked at Bollandi's new soap line. Oatmeal, wow, it's beautiful. A total work of art. I would love to paint some of Bollandi's soaps in watercolor. How awesome would that be?
Today I am hoping to get my bathroom finished so I can put the door back on and move things back into my cabinets. I am having the bathroom redone, just some cosmetic work. The cabinets are being re-stained a beautiful dark wood color, called Jacobean. It's a wonderful color, so dark and rich. Reminds me of a decadent tall dark piece of chocolate cake. I am also having some work done on my kitchen. I think I want one of my walls plastered, like the side of an old building in Italy. I know, I know, everyone says it will get greasy and things will stick to it because of all the cooking I do in my kitchen. Well, I am looking into some very good sealers, then I'll be able to wash the wall and it won't get greasy or steamy or sticky. Hmmmmmm?
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I already have some set aside for you. I know it's your favorite. Please do a watercolor of my soaps! Let's set up a photo shoot and come up with something groovy!