Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Experimental Painting Gone Bad?

For the last few weeks I have been working sporadically on a rather large sort of experimental painting. When I first started I covered the canvas with various shades of red. All of those wonderful vibrant Cadmiums, Crimsons, Naphthols, and Alizarins. I added various colorful papers and smeared on pumice and modeling paste. I added little bits of twine and string that I found lying around. My experimental painting was beginning to shape up . Then I had the bright idea to add some darks, one thing led to another and I covered up some of the really good places on the painting. I had too many darks, so I added more lights and more texture. The painting began to look interesting again. All that paint and texture from underneath was showing through in various places. Awesome, I thought, however, I felt the piece still needed work, so I put more paint, paper and texture. To my horror the painting was now a monstrosity.

Now I was mad. I felt the only thing left for me to do was grab my largest palette knife and attack the painting with raging enthusiasm. When the smoked cleared I had more texture, more paint and it began to look like something again, but... it still needs work.

I will not quit, I will be in my studio working until I have a painting worthy to hang on any gallery wall. Then and only then will post a picture of this painting.

I refuse to believe it is a painting gone bad!

Have a wonderful day!

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